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    L-Shaped Desks— Compact Desks, Executive L-Desks, and Corner Desks

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    L Shaped Desks

    L-Shaped Desks— Office Desks with Room to Work

    L-shaped desks are a popular choice for home offices because they provide a large workspace with room for a computer setup, filing, office storage, and more. The defining feature of an L-shaped desk is the desk return, a second desk that attaches to the main desk at a right angle. The resulting design looks like the letter “L,” giving these iconic desks their name.

    L-Shaped Desks Maximize Small Offices

    Because of their unique design, L-shaped desks can fit snugly into the corner of a room. This allows you to maximize your desk space without taking up valuable floor space. Small and compact L-shaped desks are particularly designed with apartments, small offices, and multi-use rooms in mind. You can also pair your L-desk with a desk hutch that sits on top of the desktop to maximize vertical space, allowing you to increase office storage without requiring more room.

    L-Shaped Desks for Executive Offices

    L-shaped desks make a statement when centered in the middle of the room. If you have a large, dedicated home office, consider shopping our selection of stately executive L-shaped desks. From traditional wood to modern, industrial, and urban styles, we can help you find the right L-shaped desk.

    Embrace Flexibility with Reversible L-Shaped Desks

    A reversible L-shaped desk allows you to attach the desk return to either side of the main desk. Because a reversible L-shaped desk allows you to reconfigure its orientation, the desk allows flexibility if you move your office space or simply want to rearrange your furniture.

    L-Desk Styles

    Choose between modern options or go with a more traditional style—it’s all right here. L-shaped office furniture also comes in your choice of metal, laminate, veneer, and glass construction types. There are benefits to every type, so be sure to talk to one of our furniture experts about what the best option for your office will be.

    Desks With Storage—L-Desks with Hutches and Drawers/h2>

    Increase the functionality of your workspace by opting for an L-shaped desk with drawers or a hutch. These storage options provide space for you to store office supplies, file important papers and documents, and keep your office clean and organized. Many L-shaped desks come equipped with locking drawers or cabinets for sensitive materials that require additional security.

    L-Shaped Desk Brands You Know and Love

    At, we’re proud to offer L-shaped desks from some of the best manufacturers in the business, including Sauder, Bushi, and more